If you have a knack of taking photos, you surely would’ve had the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X in mind. Their sheer photographic power, coupled with its Portrait Lighting, are sights to behold. However, if you haven’t heard of its Slow Sync Flash, then it’s time you started using them.

Apple takes a page off the photography books itself, as the new Slow Sync Flash found in their recent phones seem to augment photos you take. In essence, the iPhone will take photos with slower shutter speed but at the same time creates the flash much quicker. This will, in turn, make the background brighter at the same rate that the subject is brightened.

This is good news for people who aren’t keen on using flash. After all, cameras with flash tend to be distracting and can do all sorts of wrong to a subject when used incorrectly. Since the flash uses higher shutter speeds, subjects in low-light can appear “too zombie-ish” when they’re on dark backgrounds.

The Apple Slow Sync Flash will help blend darker backgrounds with the subject, and even reduce chances of red-eye. Interestingly, Apple users will no longer have to do any technical setup as the phone will do this for yourself.

You can use this new feature for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. You can read our review of the devices here at My Digital Mate.