When it comes to smartphones, the best options are always the ones that offer the best specs at the least possible price. Finding a proper compromise can be tricky with these demands, but the OnePlus 5 tries its best to bridge the gap. It succeeds as an affordable smartphone, and it’s definitely a good option for those who want a cheaper alternative for their phones.

The Pros: New OnePlus Phone is Affordable, Fast, Long Lasting

The OnePlus 5 definitely packs a lot of punch, which is surprising given its price range. It’s an extremely fast phone despite what others may think is a price deficit, which makes it an optimal phone for those who need entry-level smartphones.

Critics and fans may say the OnePlus 5 may have a familiar design, but the experience it offers can match top-tier smartphones for hundreds of bucks less than Apple’s iPhones, Samsung’s Galaxy, and Google’s Pixels. For the fourth phone of China-based OnePlus, they definitely outdid themselves.

After all, the 64GB with 6GB RAM variant costs AU$750/$479, while the 128GB with 8GB RAM costs AU$830/$539.

  • Its 18-hour battery is definitely something to impress. This is coupled with quite the powerful Snapdragon set of chips, and the battery’s fast-charging capabilities. It’s non-removable, though, which means you have to get it repaired when the battery becomes faulty.
  • Regardless, it packs a powerful 3,300mAh battery, which guarantees about 17 hours and 50 minutes of life in a single charge.

It even has a rear camera with dual lens technology, something the iPhone 7 Plus initially introduced.

Not to mention, its camera is actually completely stunning when it comes to low-light photography and portraits, as its powerful enough to actually captivate you with its results. This is thanks to its 16MP camera with the 20MP set of telephoto lens.

  • These allow you to take stunning low-light images, which you might think is even better than the Pixel in some regard.
  • Of course, this isn’t the best camera phone around, but it definitely is something jaw-dropping considering its price.

 The Cons: OnePlus Has Storage Woes, Nothing Super New

The OnePlus 5 doesn’t feature expandable storage, which can be the line in the sand for those who are about to purchase the phone.

The OnePlus 5, while cheap, is definitely the most expensive in the line of OnePlus phones. Some fans and critics may find this weird, as nothing relatively new was offered by the OnePlus 5 versus the other phones in the brand.

You may also want to be careful, as the phone isn’t water resistant. Due to the rather cheaper nature of the phone, it’s also close to top tier phones in their previous generations than the current releases today.

Given that the OnePlus 5 definitely wants to be like top-tier phones of other brands, it’s obvious that it bears some similarities to other models released today. If you need a super unique-looking phone, then this may not be for you.


The OnePlus 5 is definitely affordable and functional despite its price, and it does have its setbacks, but its numerous features make up for its rather normal performance compared to high-end smartphones.

However, this isn’t to say that the OnePlus 5 is bad, the OnePlus 5, in fact, stays among the high-tier ranks of phones of its classification. If you’re looking for a powerful entry-level smartphone, the OnePlus 5 is a good option.