Top Touch Design Of Home Mini Removed After Privacy Concerns


Tech giant Google has permanently disabled the top touch feature of its Home Mini after discovering that there’s actually a flaw that allows the smart speaker to turn on its own.

According to CNET, this privacy bug has been considered “fatal” enough that Google decided to remove all of the Home Mini’s top touch functions permanently. This is because some units actually are capable of recording sound randomly. This was discovered on Google’s servers.

The company has since then issued an update to the software that aims to address this flaw. Google guarantees consumers however that their data remains safe with them.

Although there were only a few reports regarding the issue, they decided accordingly to make sure all customers have peace of minds while using the Home Mini. Prior to the update, users actually had a pair of options to control and engage with the device.

One could be activating the device thanks to a long press on the top. They can also use voice commands, and call it “Ok, Google” and it will activate. Right now, users are limited to the voice command.

Artem Russakovskii, the founder of the Android Police, found this issue first. He saw his review unit “waking up” a lot of times during the day as there are “phantom” activations on top of the device.

However, this removal doesn’t mean the Home Mini’s functionality will suffer. The Google Home Mini still has the same functions as the original Home. You can still ask Google Assistant to control your phone, search the internet, check your calendar, and even stream music.

It was officially released on the market last Oct. 19.