70% of Qantas Marketing Budget Is On Digital Marketing


It was said earlier this week that Qantas was spending more than 70% of its marketing budget on digital marketing channels as it hoped to improve its marketing efficiencies. The major airline reported that their pre-tax profit was $852 million for the next six months until December 2017. While it shows a lower profit than last year with a 7.5% drop, CEO Alan Joyce, still maintains that the results mean Qantas is continually the best performing airline in the world.

It was reported in the later parts of last year that Qantas Group was gaining profits with a $522 million profit growth seen. Alan Joyce outlined how investing in digital and data would be the forerunner to help improve customer experience and overall business performance. It was said that Qantas had seen more efficient results from its internal digital trading capabilities and Red Planet data house.

Investing in digital and data is one of the six priorities for the major airline with it nearing its $2 billion transformation plan. This plan included rolling out Wi-Fi on many planes which will be a huge step for customer entertainment against other competing airlines.

Earlier in the month the nations airline teamed up with media partners to offer access to flyers across on-demand content such as Foxtel catalogue and even the ability to watch live sport. Qantas has also improved the overall website experience across both Jetstar and Qantas and its mobile apps.

With this new transformation and new digital marketing plan being implemented, it will be interesting to see how Qantas really improves its brand, image, and overall service to frequent flyers.