2018 And Tech: Here’s What To Anticipate This Year And Beyond

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If there’s anything 2018 and tech can tell us, it’s that there are always new things to anticipate from both the world’s top developers, companies, and tech giants – and even surprising innovations from the most recent of startups. From new product lineups and software updates to technological discoveries and consumer innovations, 2018 and beyond will evidently be home to newer, better, and more sophisticated forms of technology. What else should be anticipate this year and beyond?

2018 is gearing up to be quite the exciting year, and even halfway down the line and with products such as the Nintendo Labo, Apple HomePod, and Samsung Galaxy S9 proving to be quite the fan favorites, it seems 2018 is just about to be warming up for more amazing tech.

2018 and tech 2In fact, it appears that later down the year and the holiday season, more watches and phones should be expected from Google, Samsung, and Apple; and folks from Nintendo appear to have a new online service. There’s also going to be a ton of news for the future of industries such as gaming, including PlayStation and Xbox. Here are some of the things folks should expect:

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2: A lot of people can remember Microsoft’s HoloLens, which is its own gadget to enter the virtual reality and augmented reality scene, and its hefty $3,000 price. Although it’s intended for other commercial applications and developers, it’s not exactly consumer friendly. Not anymore, however. A rumored new version codenamed Sydney is appear to be well on its way for consumers, and it appears to be costing less thanks in part to newer and cheaper Qualcomm chips and better competition like the Oculus Go.

  • Magic Leap One AR headset: Google has finally teased the release of the Magic Leap One Edition AR headset from the folks of the AR startup it supported. The augmented reality headset seems straight out of a steampunk story, as the Lightwear smart glasses appear to have round lenses, a controller, and a battery pack. What’s interesting is that the Leap One actually plans on projecting a full 3D image of objects onto your retinas, and can be focused similarly to real objects. This is highly unlike usual AR headsets of today.

  • Apple’s new iPad Pro: If you’re expecting to see a lot of Apple in this lineup, you should, as it might be high time for Apple to have new releases for a lot of its products. Apple has just teased an iPad this April 2018 in its WWDC event – without a Pro version. Now, it appears the 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2018 might have the same changes found in the iPhone X. These may include the nonexistence of the home button and Face ID. Less likely changes include OLED displays and wireless charging.

  • Apple’s new MacBook: MacBook Air has remained the entry-level laptop for those who want to try out Apple’s signature Mac line – but it appears to not be aging well. Is 2018 the year for a new MacBook? A lot of fans sure hope so. The new MacBook Air’s 13-inch variant is the closest people got to a modest makeover from the 2015 version – with a tiny speed boost that did away its Intel CPU, and had double the RAM. Hopefully a much faster and much better version is on its way this year for fans.

  • Apple’s new Apple Watch: The Apple Watch has had an interesting release, and there have been newer and better versions of the product since them. Onboard cellular connectivity was finally added to the Apple Watch Series 3, but it appears 2018 might be the year where Apple will take its signature smartwatch to new heights. The Apple Watch Series 4 is reported to have solid-state buttons that are click-free, a much larger display, or even a much better battery life.

  • Google’s new Pixel Watch: And what’s the Apple Watch without a rival? Google’s promised that its Wear OS watches will have a revamp, and they did promise a product arrival in the fall. So it might actually be a special Pixel Watch. There’s no news about its existence yet, but it doesn’t mean Google fans won’t be clamoring for its existence. The Pixel Watch line could have one to three models and even have prolonged battery life with the Qualcomm chipset.

  • Nintendo Switch Online: If you’ve been impressed with Nintendo’s Switch release last year, you can finally get the chance to play with your friends with its long-awaited online service offering. Nintendo Switch Online will not only be allowing you to connect with friends, but you can also do competitive and cooperative play with a $20 monthly subscription fee. Super Smash Brothers and Fortnite seem to be perfect for this online service, though there’s yet to be news about the specific features of the service.

  • Red Hydrogen Phone: Folks at Red appear to want to prove to the world that their cameras aren’t just for shows and films in Hollywood. Its new phone will be released soon – pegged the Red Hydrogen One. Film and photography fans alike are ecstatic to hear about its camera features, but its phone is no pushover as well. It has a 5.7-inch screen with a compelling holographic 3D display. In fact, there’s also a brand new network that allows users to share holographic movies! It comes at a hefty price, though. The Hydrogen’s original titanium variant release will be roughly $1,595, with its aluminum alloy model costing around $1,195.

  • Apple’s brand new iPhones: First among the list would probably be newer and better iPhones from folks at Apple. It appears Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup would have three phones – one that’s relatively lower-priced with a traditional screen of LCD, and two higher-end models with OLED screens like the iPhone X releases this year. Interestingly, the cheaper model might have a third rear camera or even multiple color collections. Included among things to be expected from Apple are newer MacBooks, iPad Pros, and Apple Watches.

  • Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: Google appears to be right on the money with the success of its Pixel 2 lineup, as fans have a clamoring for a newer version of the Pixel brand. In fact, the new Android P operating system will likely be a part of the Pixel 3 release, and it’s exciting as it brings a whole lot of new features on the mix that aren’t on iPhones yet. These include wireless changing, and even two front-facing cameras on the XL version.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Another interesting prediction this year will likely be the appearance of a new Samsung Galaxy Note phone – the Note 9. The Note 9 is expected to be a much larger variant of the S9 phone, alongside with new features such as a pen. The “phablet” will most likely have feature exclusive to its version, which may include fingerprint scanning. There’s definitely going to be a headphone jack, and a pen that’s going to be your handy tool for music and photos.

  • Nintendo 64 Mini: Gaming fans would be delighted to hear that one of the most iconic video game consoles to enter the market will have its own “mini” version. While Nintendo has yet to confirm its existence, there appears to be a trademark application from Nintendo that appears to cover not just software for the Nintendo 64, but also controllers. It can be remembered that Nintendo has had success when it comes to selling smaller “classic” versions of its Super NES and NES consoles to nostalgic gamers, so it makes sense for the trademark N64 to have the same treatment. There’s no pricing yet, nor is there a release date.

  • Atari VCS: In speaking of nostalgia, it appears Atari is also releasing a much-awaited reboot of the Atari 2600 console. This newer version will be running Linux OS, and it will come in two designs – black-and-red glass and wood. It will also have new and classic games, including SD, HDMI, and USB connections. Of course, this is if it even ships outside Japan. This console was already teased in 2017 and even had pre orders, though they were quickly delayed given Atari still had to work on the platform.

  • Xbox New Console: It’s obvious that today’s generation of consoles are starting to show signs of aging, and it appears Xbox might have a release for its newest console in as early as 2020. This has been proven when Microsoft’s E3 presentation immediately teased such a console – codenamed Scarlett – and its release date that will be “soon.”

  • Xbox New Streaming Service: Another interesting message from Microsoft back in the E3 was the inclusion of a new game streaming service that’s apparently designed to put any device under the impression that it can “unlock console-quality gaming.” There’s no details about what the service will actually do, nor its cost. Rumors include the idea of using a remote computer in order to play in a much lower-powered device, including stripped-down client consoles or streaming boxes. Popular examples include PlayStation Now, which needs a Windows PC or a PlayStation 4.

  • PlayStation 5: Of course, what’s an Xbox entry without its PlayStation counterpart? Word on the grapevine is that the newest PlayStation will be on the market at least three years away from now, which pegs it at around 2021. However, it appears Sony also wants to focus on other subscription services, like PlayStation Now. Which means it shouldn’t be a surprise if the PS5 becomes a box that just streams cloud-based games.



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